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Split Rate Home Loan

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What is a Split Rate Home Loan?

Split Rate Loans are popular in times of uncertainty about interest rates, especially if rates are moving up, because borrowers can hedge their bets on whether future rate changes will be up or down.

Taking part of the loan out at a fixed interest rate means no matter what happens to Interest rates your repayments for the fixed interest component of the loan will remain constant. This is obviously a bonus when rates are rising.

The second component of the loan is taken out with a variable interest rate. If interest rates fall then repayments for this section of the loan will also fall.

For borrowers, this means you have an each way bet on which way interest rates are going to move. If rates go up you are partially insulated and if rates go down you are also partially protected.

Split loans can take some of the stress out of borrowing during times of volatile rate fluctuations. For those on a tight budget, it can help you sleep better at night without having to worry so much about loan repayment increases.

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