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Mortgage Broker – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth…
Australian Banks, Credit Unions, non-bank lenders and Building Societies all use mortgage brokers…

Loan/Mortgage Information

Standard Variable Rate Home Loan
With variable rate home loans the interest rate varies according to market forces but is normally…

Basic Variable Rate Home Loan
Basic variable loans are usually the cheapest loan on the market in terms of interest rates…

Fixed Interest Rate Home Loan
A Fixed Interest Loan allows you to fix the interest rate for a set term (usually 1 – 5 years) unlike…

Split Rate Home Loan
Split Rate Loans are popular in times of uncertainty about interest rates, especially if rates are…

Equity Finance Mortgage Home Loan
An Equity Finance Mortgage requires no interest payments as long as you follow the rules.

Home Equity Loan
A Home Equity Loan allows you to use the equity you have built up in your home as collateral for…

Debt Consolidation Loan – Australia
Debt Consolidation can lower monthly loan repayments for borrowers with multiple loans…

Low Doc Home Loan
Low Doc (short for Low Document) home loans are a recent innovation in Australia and are…

Non Conforming Loan
A Non Conforming Loan is designed for borrowers who do not fit the profile of the standard…

Line of Credit
A Line of Credit allows you to use the equity you have built up in your home as collateral for…

Interest Only Home Loan
Interest Only loans are popular with property investors in particular for several reasons…

Reverse Mortgage
A Reverse Mortgage allows asset rich but income poor homeowners to borrow against the equity…

Construction Loan
A Construction Loan is for people who are building a new home, although some lenders also…

Renovation Loan
A Renovation Loan is typically made to fund internal improvements to an existing home…

Refinance an Australian Mortgage
Refinancing allows borrowers to obtain a loan better suited to their current circumstances…

Loan/Mortgage Related Information

General Information

Home Loan Calculator | Australia
Mortgage, Home Loan, Debt Consolidation and Refinancing Calculators

Home Loan Resources
Resources we have found useful in preparing to take out a home loan or purchase a property

Home Loan Australia Blog
New articles and information on Australian Home Loans appear here first

Australian Property Books
Books on buying and investing in Australian Property that I have found useful

Credit Comparison Rate
Designed to help you compare loans, here’s how the CCR works

Mortgage Calculator
Run through different repayment scenario’s before you commit to a loan

Borrowers Check-List
Being prepared before applying for a loan speeds up the application process

Property Related Web-sites
Statistical and taxation information sources

Loan/Mortgage Related Articles
Articles on issues related to loans and mortgages

Real Estate Related Articles
Articles on issues like Renting or Buying, New or Established, Finding a Mortgage Broker etc.

Mortgage Checker
Software for analyzing mortgages. Can help get refunds from banks for overcharging.

Australian Interest Rate News
A summary of current events and issues relating to home loan interest rates in Australia.

Historical Interest Rates
Information on the Reserve Bank and Australian Home Loan Interest Rates from 1959 – 2012

Loan Calculators
Free loan calculators for comparing loans, interest rate rises, debt consolidation etc.

US and UK Home Loan information

UK Mortgage and Loan information
A listing of sources for UK information

USA Mortgage and Loan information
A listing of sources for USA information

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