Refinancing Home Loan for Debt Consolidation?

A PC based mortgage statement checking software can save you money!

Mortgage/Home Loan refinancing is a particularly dangerous time for property owners. There are so many things to consider when choosing a new loan you tend to forget about your old loan, as it will soon be old news to you. You could be overcharged interest and fees without knowing it. A recent survey of over 200 bank statements from 18 different lenders found that over 54% of loan statements contained errors. Not surprisingly the vast majority of these errors favoured the lenders.

Events of major change like mortgage/home loan refinancing or change in official mortgage interest rates are often when the major banks and other major lenders make major errors with your overdraft and mortgage accounts. A major Australian bank was recently cited for errors of this nature to the tune of $2,646,326.06. that’s 2.6 million dollars.

Whether you have a standard variable, construction, debt consolidation, lo doc, no doc, honeymoon special, line of credit, equity finance mortgage, fixed rate, professional package, non home loan, credit card or simple overdraft, there is a better than even chance your lender may actually owe you money. Why not check it out, the PC based Mortgage Watchdog mortgage checking software can help put your mind at ease before you commit to a home loan mortgage refinance.