Australian resources to consult before applying for a home loan, or buying a property.

Australian Home Loan Resources

The best place to start your home loan search

Resources we have found useful in preparing to take out a home loan or purchase a property are listed below.

Educating yourself in the different aspects of purchasing a property is the only way to guarantee that you get the best possible deal. Nearly all the other players involved in your property related transaction have their own interests at heart and you are fooling yourself if you think otherwise.

With the large amount of money involved it is a case of “Buyer Beware”. No amount of government or industry regulation is going to protect you from making errors or mistakes.

Use the following resources to increase your knowledge and help you in making decisions. Buy a couple of good books from our recommended list – they contain a wealth of information that would take a lifetime to accumulate, and the cost is insignificant compared to the money lost if you get things wrong.

The resources listed below are all resources that I have used myself and have personal experience with, including the books which I own, have read, and regularly refer to as I buy and sell property.

Std Variable Rate Loan
Basic Variable Rate Loan
Fixed Interest Loan
Split Loan
Home Equity Loan
Debt Consolidation Loan
Low Doc Loan
Non-conforming Loan
Line of Credit
Interest Only Loan
Reverse Mortgage
Construction Loan
Renovation Loan
Home Loan Resources
Mortgage Broker

Home Loan Resources

Home Loan Rates

Information on current home loan interest rates in Australia.

Borrowers Check List

What you need to have ready before you approach a lender or mortgage broker.

Credit Comparison Rates

All loans are not equal so how do you compare loans?

Mortgage Calculators

Check out different mortgage repayment scenarios. See also the PC based software and loan calculators below.

Property Related Web-sites

Australian web-sites with useful resources.

Loan/Mortgage Brokers

Helpful Brokers who will find the best loan for your personal circumstances.

Recommended Books

A book list and reviews of Property related books by Australian Authors.

Mortgage Calculator – PC based software

The banks do not want you to use this software because of the refunds they have had to make to users. If you have an existing mortgage then it will pay you to buy this particular mortgage calculator instead of using the free bank calculators. Not only can you do “what if” scenario’s but you can check whether the bank has been ripping you off with your mortgage.

Loan Calculators | Australia

Australian Home Loan and Debt Consolidation Calculators (5)

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