Home Loan Rates at Fifty Year Lows?

Hail the Reserve Bank Board for acting quickly and decisively on interest rates.

As a result and despite all the doom and gloom, bail out and prop up talk, property prices and auction clearance rates seemed to have stabilised.

Experts are predicting home loan rates are going to fall way below any previous historical low of the last fifity years. So, It is time to evaluate your current or proposed mortgage, or test “what if” scenario’s if you are considering refinancing or consolidating debt.

Loan calculators and other recourses available on the web can help you test these “what if’s”. And the best thing is they are generally free and flexible enough that you can do things like calculate the effect of interest rate rise and falls or compare loans. In most cases you can print out the results. If not then just print the web-page.

Most calculators are easy to use. Generally it is all a matter of putting your numbers in the boxes and then clicking on the calculate button. You can have a bit of serious fun just playing with them. I have gathered what I consider the best Home Loan Mortgage calculators below:

List of Calculators
Loan Comparison
Loan Payment with Amortization Schedule
Mortgage Consolidation & Refinancing
Variable vs Fixed Interest Rate
Debt Consolidation
Accelerated Debt Payoff
Loan Statement Mistake Finder

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