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How much will my monthly payment be if I consolidate all my debts into a single loan?

Debt Consolidation Calculator

This calculator will show you how consolidating your all of your debts into one lower interest loan can reduce your monthly payments.

We also have an Accelerated Debt Payoff Calculator that we highly recommend. If you have lots of smaller loans then it would pay to look at this calculator first before you consider consolidating your debts. It could mean a lot less effort for the same result in some situations. At the very least you have the choice of 2 different options to solve your problem.

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Debt Consolidation Calculator V3

Enter each one of the debts that you would like to pay off, along with their corresponding principal balances, interest rates, and monthly payment amounts. Once you have all your debts entered, make any desired changes to the “New Loan Information” default entries and then click on the “Calculate New” button.

Balance Payment Interest
Additional Cash?
New Loan Information
Enter data about your planned New Loan with us (change any of the proposed numbers below).
Proposed interest rate (%):
Loan term:
Estimated closing costs ($):
Income tax rate (%):
Results Current New Loan
Total debts:
Effective rate before tax:
Effective rate after tax:
Total monthly payment:
Monthly savings:
Annual savings:
Five year savings:
Ultimate Savings Report
What if you were to pay the same OLD payments instead of your NEW LOWER PAYMENTS… (which is your choice every month)… your monthly SAVINGS will reduce the loan principal each month, SHORTENING the loan itself… without ANY more costs than you used to pay.
Total years SAVED if same OLD payments are made on NEW loan:
Total years until “FREE & CLEAR” if savings are paid to principal:
TOTAL INTEREST SAVED over life of loan if savings are applied to principal:

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