At Last Some Good News For Property Owners

Private sector house approvals fell 13.1% in December 2008 according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Why is this good news? Less new dwellings being built, mean tighter supply and a probable increase in value for current stock, well that’s the theory anyway.

The reality is Australian home affordability is out of kilter with wages and incomes.
So instead of home ownership being right of all Australians, it is for now, an elite privilege.

I also see the Government’s tax revenue (It’s major income source) is down 19% for the September 08 quarter, yet it’s expense’s rose across the board. The Governments credit card is close to maxed out. Tax revenue will have to increase, or we may find the government shedding jobs. What will that do for property values?

My research into commercial properties has revealed the market to be dead in the water. Sellers are asking premium price, buyers in the main are adopting a wait and see policy.
Drive around a factory precinct near you, count the deserted properties. My gut feel is for a 50 to 60% drop in values for these properties shortly.

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