Use a Mortgage Calculator to assess the impact of different interest rates on your mortgage

Mortgage Checker Software The Super Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage checking software allows you to find errors in your existing bank statements or test all the different aspects of your proposed mortgage.

The "Home Deluxe Bundle" shown below contains 6 different programs to help you assess a mortgage and test "What If" scenarios. These are powerful tools that put you the borrower in the front seat.

This information can be used to negotiate for better deals, get a refund, or find the best loan. A little bit of research using these tools could save or earn you thousands of dollars.

Although the software is in use by large accounting firms it is designed to be used by novices. See the demo on the web-site listed below.

Take advantage of these mortgage tools to explore your mortgage and check whether you are getting the best possible deal.


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Mortgage Checker - PC based software

The banks do not want you to use this software because of the refunds they have had to make to users. If you have an existing mortgage then it will pay you to buy this particular mortgage calculator instead of using the free bank calculators. Not only can you do "what if" scenario's but you can check whether the bank has been ripping you off with your existing mortgage and get a refund.

Like to manage your mortgage and credit cards better and check if you are being ripped off?

Home Loan Manager Pro - Download this mortgage checker software to help you track, plan and manage all aspects of your loans. Easily work out the impact of the next interest rate rise, check the accuracy of your banks interest calculations, and discover how to pay off your mortgage sooner. Ideal for the homeowner and property investor.

Home Credit Card Manager - Download this credit card software, categorise your credit card statements and instantly find out where you are spending your hard-earned income. Great for the monthly budget, creating yearly summaries, and weeding out bad debt.

The software has been seen on...
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and there are over 300,000 copies in use. The Home Deluxe Bundle consists of the following programs:
  1. The Home Loan Checker (checks the interest calculations on your home loan/mortgage, including line of credit loans)
  2. The Investment Forecaster (shows the additional interest you may earn over a period of time at a certain rate of interest or at various rates of interest).
  3. The Mistake Compounder (calculates what a bank error at some time in the past is actually worth now)
  4. The Home Loan Forecaster (allows you to determine what your repayments would be at different interest rates, payment modes and loan amounts)
  5. The Offset Account Checker (calculates the interest on your savings account that should be offset against your mortgage account)
  6. The Effective Rate Converter (shows the "true rate" that your lender is charging)


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