Use a Mortgage Calculator to assess the impact of different interest rates on your mortgage.

Mortgage Calculator Software

The best place to start your home loan search

Mortgage calculation software allows you to explore "what if" scenario's when trying to select a suitable finance package.

Mortgage calculators can be found on the websites of most Australian financial institutions as per the list below.

Use the software on these sites to assess your capacity to take out and service a loan but don't get sucked in to submitting a loan application, but if you do, also get another quote from a Mortgage Broker.

It takes the same amount of effort to apply for a loan through a Mortgage Broker as it does from a Bank, but the broker usually has access to hundreds of loans and dozens of lenders, which should give you better results.

Take advantage of a mortgage calculator to explore the effect of interest rate rises on your finances, and assess your ability to make repayments.

The Super Mortgage Calculator
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Basic Variable Rate Loan
Fixed Interest Loan
Split Loan
Home Equity Loan
Debt Consolidation Loan
Low Doc Loan
Non-conforming Loan
Line of Credit
Interest Only Loan
Reverse Mortgage
Construction Loan
Renovation Loan
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The best place to start your home loan search

Australian Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage Calculator - PC based software

The banks do not want you to use this software because of the refunds they have had to make to users. If you have an existing mortgage then it will pay you to buy this particular mortgage calculator instead of using the free bank calculators. Not only can you do "what if" scenario's but you can check whether the bank has been ripping you off with your existing mortgage and get a refund. More on the super Mortgage Calculator here...

The software has been seen on...
  • A Current Affair
  • Money
  • 7:30 Report
  • 4 Corners
  • Today Tonight
and there are over 300,000 copies in use. The Home Deluxe Bundle consists of the following programs:
  1. The Home Loan Checker (checks the interest calculations on your home loan/mortgage, including line of credit loans)
  2. The Investment Forecaster (shows the additional interest you may earn over a period of time at a certain rate of interest or at various rates of interest).
  3. The Mistake Compounder (calculates what a bank error at some time in the past is actually worth now)
  4. The Home Loan Forecaster (allows you to determine what your repayments would be at different interest rates, payment modes and loan amounts)
  5. The Offset Account Checker (calculates the interest on your savings account that should be offset against your mortgage account)
  6. The Effective Rate Converter (shows the "true rate" that your lender is charging)

The best place to start your home loan search

Calculator Websites - Major Banks

These links go directly to the calculator webpages

The Super Mortgage Calculator
National Australia Bank
ANZ Bank
Westpac Bank
Commonwealth Bank

Examples of Calculators and financial tools taken from the NAB website

While many of these are sales tools to develop leads for the Bank, they do illustrate the huge variety of financial calculators that are available.

Personal budgeting and borrowing tools
  • Home Loan repayment calculator: helps customers to estimate repayments, amount to borrow, and provides a graph of loan life span
  • Budget planner: helps you to save for your goals
  • Home buying & selling cost calculator: helps you to understand the costs associated with buying or selling your home
  • Loan calculator: our basic loan calculator for personal loan calculations
  • Credit card selector: select the National credit card that's right for you
  • National Choice Package benefits calculator: obtain an estimate of your annual benefits
Personal savings and investment tools
  • Savings calculator: calculate what your savings will accumulate to, how long it will take you to reach you goal and how much you should be saving to achieve your goal
  • Future value calculator: find out what you should be putting aside to secure your future
  • Retirement calculator: how much do you need for your retirement?
  • Transaction Fee Calculator: how can I minimise my bank fees?
  • National Choice Package benefits calculator: obtain an estimate of your annual benefits
  • Superannuation calculator: plan how much you need to contribute each year in order to meet your goals
  • Lifetime earnings calculator: Will you ever be a millionaire? Find out your lifetime earnings
  • Life insurance needs calculator: a quick way to roughly work out the level of Life Insurance cover you may require
Business tools
  • Instalment loan calculator: allows you to simulate a National Variable Rate Instalment Loan for business
  • Business scenario tester: allows you to instantly view the impact of your business decisions on your business' financials
  • Motor vehicle lease quoter: obtain an immediate indicative quote for a motor vehicle lease, hire purchase, lease purchase or equipment loan
  • Finance eligibility indicator: are you eligible for business finance?
Foreign exchange
  • Foreign exchange calculator: work out the value of one currency against another

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