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Using a Mortgage Broker to help find the best loan is infinitely more helpful than approaching a Bank.

Banks in Australia are biased toward their own limited range of finance products while Mortgage Brokers can offer a much greater selection due to the large number of lenders they represent.

This means that Mortgage Brokers are far more likely to be able to come up with a financial product that suits your personal needs.

Always query why they are recommending a particular loan to ensure there are valid reasons and that it is not the product which gets the broker the highest commission.

Not all mortgage brokers have access to the same range of loans, and some financial products are not marketed through brokers. You need to get quotes from 3 different sources to be sure of covering most opportunities and getting the best deal.

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Mortgage and Loan Brokers in Australia

Mortgage Brokers generally specialise in finance for the various types of home loans but some can arrange personal loans too.

We recommend the Financial Services Online to anyone in the capital cities or large regional cities in Australia seeking a Home Loan.

Financial Services Online - for Australia wide loans

FSO is unusual in that it is not an ordinary mortgage broker but more an intermediary. The advantage for borrowers is that loan applications submitted through the FSO can be submitted to more than one mortgage broker in order to access the largest possible range of lenders and loans. This is a unique service that benefits the borrower, especially those who may have been rejected by other lenders.

Most of the loan application process takes place on the Internet and over the phone. There is no cost to the borrower and most areas of Australia are serviced.

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