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Using a Mortgage Broker to help find the best loan is infinitely more helpful than approaching a Bank.

Banks are biased toward their own limited range of finance products while Mortgage Brokers can offer a much greater selection due to the large number of lenders they represent. Brokers have a detailed knowledge of the various institutions lending requirements, and can locate the best option.

Because of the fall in interest rates, households have been able to afford to service much more debt, and this has greatly increased their purchasing power.

This additional purchasing power is not confined just to first-home buyers. Due to the accumulated equity in their houses, existing home owners have been in a much stronger position to compete than first-time buyers.

Due to historically low and stable interest rates, it is still a good time to buy a home in Melbourne.

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The best place to start your home loan search

Mortgage Brokers in Melbourne

Mortgage Brokers generally specialise in finance for the various types of home loans but some can arrange personal loans too.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics March quarter 2010 statistics, annually, house prices rose in Melbourne (+27.7%), Sydney (+21.0%), Canberra (+20.6%), Darwin (17.5%), Perth (+15.0%), Hobart (+14.1%), Brisbane (+12.1%), and Adelaide (+10.8%)

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The advantage for borrowers is that loan applications submitted through FSO can be submitted to more than one mortgage broker in order to access the largest possible range of lenders and loans. This is a unique service that benefits the borrower, especially those who may have been rejected by other lenders.

Most of the mortgage application process takes place on the Internet and over the phone. There is no cost to the borrower and most areas of Victoria are serviced including Melbourne.

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The best place to start your home loan search

MORTGAGE: A legal document that lays out the terms and conditions applying to the lending of money secured over real estate
MORTGAGEE: The person who lends the money
MORTGAGOR: The person who borrows the money


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