A Review of Margaret Lomas' property book 'How to Create an Income for Life'

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Book Review - "How to Maximise your Property Portfolio"

by Margaret Lomas
Published by Wrightbooks

Positive cashflow property, property management and structuring your portfolio. This book follows on from the earlier book "How to Create an Income for Life".

Margaret explains to new and experienced investors how to manage and profit from a positive cash flow property portfolio. Her low risk approach to investment can provide property investors with an income from day one without the negative gearing type risks.

Written in her trademark easy-to-read style, Margaret shares her commonsense financial wisdom, covering topics like:
  • How the type of property affects returns
  • Issues to consider when shopping for property
  • Whether cash flow will continue and for how long
  • Maximising investments through optimal purchasing structures and tax benefits
  • Capital gain and cash flow
  • Choosing the best way to manage your property.
Is it worth the money? If you're interested in positive gearing - definitely!

RRP $24.95 - 174 pages

NOTE: Margaret also runs Investment Seminars in most States. The information presented is practical and capable of being implemented by anyone. There are no fancy or risky strategies, just honest, easy implemented methods that Margaret has demonstrated to work in building her own extensive, profitable property portfolio. Be sure to attend a seminar if you can - highly recommended.

Table of Contents

  • 1: The positives and the negatives
  • 2: The great debate - cash flow or capital gain?
  • 3: Shopping for Property
  • 4: Managing your portfolio
  • 5: Maximising your cash flow
  • 6: Comprehensive property structures
  • 7: Managing each individual Property
  • 8: What happens in real life
  • 9: The odds and ends
  • 10: Onwards and upwards

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