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Australian Loan, Mortgage and Finance Articles

Loan/Mortgage/Finance Articles

Debt Consolidation Australia
An overview of Australian debt consolidation

Interest Only Loan Australia
The benefits of Interest only loans

Low Doc Loans in Australia
An introduction to low documentation loans

Credit Card Debt Consolidation
4 Methods to reduce repayments by consolidating credit card debts

The Pros and Cons of Refinancing
To refinance or not to refinance

No Deposit Home Loans - Sound Finance or a Shortcut to Foreclosure?
Pros and Cons of no no-deposit loans

Australian Mortgage Choices
The major types of Residential Mortgage

Getting on Top of Your Mortgage
Mortgage Reduction Strategies

Choosing a Mortgage Broker
Guidelines for choosing a Mortgage Broker

Mortgage Application Tips
Preparing to Apply for a Mortgage

Mortgage Refinancing - A Fresh Start
Discussion on the benefits of Mortgage Refinancing

Debt Consolidation Quote
Obtaining a Debt Consolidation Quote Online

Is Refinancing necessary?
Why Refinancing your existing loan is not always the best option

Choosing a Home Loan
How to Choose a Home Loan to suit your circumstances

5 Steps to Getting out of Debt
Pay Off Debt Now: 5 Steps To Getting Your Finances in Order

Fixed or Variable Rate Loan?
Factors to Consider in Choosing a Fixed or Variable Rate Loan

Tips for Paying Off Your Loan Faster
Tips you can use to help you accelerate repayment of your home loan

Reasons for Refinancing
Mortgage Refinancing - 5 Reasons why it is so popular in Australia

Mortgage Terminology
Definitions of Common Mortgage Terms used in Australian Home Loan Contracts

Mortgage Insurance Australia
Information on Mortgage Insurance for Australian Borrowers

Loan to Valuation Ratio
The importance of understanding the Loan to Valuation Ratio (LVR) before taking out a Home Loan

Fixed and Variable - The Split Rate Loan
Factors to Consider in Choosing a Split Loan (Combination of Fixed and Variable Loans)

Fixed Rate Loan
Consider a Fixed Rate Loan now before you are under financial stress and it is too late

Do you need to Change your Loan?
Tips on changing your home loan when interest rates are rising

Fixed Rate Loans - Pros and Cons
Information on the pros and cons of Fixed Rate Home Loans in Australia

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