Wednesday, March 02, 2005

How to Sell Your Own Home

Selling your own house in Australia

For those wanting to sell their own home in Australia there is a new book which has just been released. I've only just got through reading it and really enjoyed the wisdom and sage advice.

The book is "Real Estate without agents" by Terry Ryder, and is published by Rowley Publications.

It is divided up into 3 sections - the first where he convinces you of the need to do the selling yourself, the second where he provides guidance for sellers, and the third for buyers who want to deal directly with sellers.

Even though I have sold 2 homes without using a real estate agent, there was still much to learn from Terry's book. In fact, having read his book I know I'll be able to do a lot better when I sell next time.

As I have more time I will do a more detailed review and post it on . For now I strongly suggest you buy the book if you intend to sell your own home in the near future. It could pay for itself a thousand times over.

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