Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Debt Consolidation Online

More and more people are letting their mouse do the walking to find a solution to debt consolidation online.

There are hundreds of mortgage brokers in Australia who accept enquiries online. We recommend a broker (see bottom of page) who does most of their business online and by phone.

Your broker should have lots of experience with debt consolidation and will be able to help you by recommending the best solution and then assist you in making the actual written application. There should be multiple lenders that the broker can select from to get you the best deal. Debt consolidation loans are very common and there should be no fees for the broker's service.

The best scenario for debt consolidation is where you own a home that contains sufficient equity to draw against, or you have a good paying job, or both.

The Home Loan Club (see below) have access to a range of Australian lenders offering debt consolidation loans. Fill out the online enquiry form and see what solutions they can offer.

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