Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Debt Consolidation Bad Credit in Australia

Debt Consolidation Bad Credit Information

It is not impossible to successfully apply for a debt consolidation loan if you have previously had problems leading to a bad credit rating.

If your circumstances have changed for the better there are certain lenders who will consider your application in light of the new situation.

Typically, bad debts remain on your credit record for up to 7 years and prevent you being able to borrow money from most lenders.

Fortunately there are a few lenders who will consider all the facts and they may allow you to take out a debt consolidation loan if they consider you are now a good risk. It pays to be extremely honest with your application because if they consider you are hiding anything or distorting the truth you will be rejected outright.

If nothing has changed since you incurred the bad debt then you are wasting your time applying. Only apply if your circumstances have improved and you can prove that you have the means to meet the repayments

If your circumstamces have improved and you are honest about your past and current situation, you may qualify.


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