Friday, January 14, 2005

Debt Consolidation Loan - Australia

Information on Debt Consolidation Loans in Australia:

How does Debt Consolidation work?

How can debt repayments be reduced by as much as 50%? By combining all debts into a new loan that is secured against your home (or other assets) it is possible to select repayments that suit your financial situation. This is usually done by lengthening the term of the new loan so that the monthly repayments are reduced and become more affordable.


Book Review:

"Book - 'Building Wealth in Changing Times'
by Jan Somers
Published by Somerset Financial Services

Jan Somers book describes a simple plan for an early yet wealthy retirement. It involves residential investment property that is properly financed and bought to keep.

It is effectively a 'do-it-yourself' investment scheme. In this book she shows that the scheme is still completely relevant in changing economic times.

Jan presents her information on property investing in a clear and interesting way and includes easy-to-understand examples to illustrate important points.

All the main property investment strategies are covered, and there is lots of valuable information on loan types, taxation issues, future trends etc . There is a whole section of "What If" scenario's that should alleviate any concerns potential (or even existing) investors have.

This is a great book if you are starting down the investment property path and are looking for a comprehensive guide to follow. Jan takes a very conservative approach, but one which has proven to be very successful for her and other investors who have followed her advice.

Possibly the only book you will ever need on property investment.

RRP $24.95 - 191 pages"