Monday, December 27, 2004

Refinancing a Home Loan in Australia

Refinancing a Home Loan:

"Why Refinance?
Most borrowers refinance to -
get a cheaper home loan rate
roll debts into a single loan to lower repayments
renovate their home (bathroom, kitchen etc)
switch from a variable loan to a fixed rate loan when rates are rising
switch from a fixed loan to a variable loan when interest rates are falling
obtain cash for a major purchase (car, holiday etc) "

Debt Consolidation Loan - Australia

Debt Consolidation Loan Information:

"How does Debt Consolidation work?
How can debt repayments be reduced by as much as 50%? By combining all debts into a new loan that is secured against your home (or other assets) it is possible to select repayments that suit your financial situation. This is usually done by lengthening the term of the new loan so that the monthly repayments are reduced and become more affordable. "