Thursday, December 16, 2004


"Australian Property Investment

Quartile Property Network is a specialist property investment consultancy with extensive Australian property investment experience dating back to 1953 when brothers Don and Fred Johnson started the D.F. Johnson group of real estate and fund management companies. Their enviable success record speaks for itself.

Quartile's 'Property Optimizer' will help you determine your capacity for property investment and create a personal property investment strategy. Their Property Selection recommendations rate highly against 25 benchmark tests which measure investment potential.

Destiny Financial Solutions aims to assist Australians to achieve their chosen level of personal wealth by designing individualised investment strategies which utilise property as an investment. DFS does not sell property - they assist clients to buy the right kind of property to ensure that their strategies are effectively implemented, and they support their clients along the way. exists to provide you with everything you need to know about successful positive cashflow property investing in Australia by outlining insights and strategies (from truly successful investors) that you won't find anywhere else. includes information on regular market updates, opportunities, strategies and resources specific to the positive cashflow property investment niche."

Australian Home Loan Check-list

Home Loan Check List:

"Home Loan Check-list Australia
Depending on the type of loan you are applying for ( i.e. Low Doc loan) and whether you are an existing homeowner or not, some of this evidence may not be required.

Drivers License
Wedding Certificate (if any documents show maiden name)
Medicare Card
Credit Card details and limits

Last 3 pay slips
Group Certificates for last 2 years
Tax returns for last 2 years
Employment history

Bank statements
Proof of investments
Council Rates Notice
Car valuation and details
Home contents valuation

Details on any existing loans
Credit Card statement
Store Card statement
Child Support "