Calculators for Australian Home Loans and Debt Consolidation and Management

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We have added free calculators to our web-site that will allow you to evaluate your current or proposed mortgage, or test "what if" scenario's if you are considering refinancing. The tools are flexible enough that you can also do things like calculate the effect of interest rate rises or compare loans. In most cases you can print out the results. If not then just print the web-page.

There are also calculators to help with debt consolidation and getting out of debt.

Most of these are very easy to use. It is simply a matter of putting numbers in boxes and then clicking on the calculate button. Some of the more detailed ones have instructions on what to do and provide error messages if you get it wrong. You will get the hang of them quite easily as you start to use them and should have a lot of fun playing with them. It's exciting when you test different repayment scenario's and see the impact.

You need to have Javascript enabled in your browser in order to be able to see and use the calculators.

List of Calculators

Loan Comparison
Loan Payment with Amortization Schedule
Mortgage Consolidation & Refinancing
Variable vs Fixed Interest Rate
Debt Consolidation
Accelerated Debt Payoff

Australian Home Loan Information

Std Variable Rate
Basic Variable Rate
Fixed Interest
Home Equity
Debt Consolidation
Low Doc
Line of Credit
Interest Only
Reverse Mortgage
Mortgage Broker

Thank you for visiting our web-site. We hope the home loan and debt consolidation calculators have been of assistance. If you live in Australia you can apply here for a Free Home Loan Quote