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Using a Mortgage Broker to help find the best home loan is infinitely more helpful than approaching a Bank.

Banks are biased toward their own limited range of finance products while Mortgage Brokers can offer a much greater selection due to the large number of lenders they represent.

The central fact from which any discussion of affordability must start is that there has been a more than doubling in house prices over the past decade, and that strong price rises are still occurring.

This is shown by all the indices of house prices, which also confirm that, unlike some earlier booms in house prices that were specific to certain areas, this one is Australia-wide.

The ratio of the price of the average home to average income has risen sharply, as has the cost of servicing the mortgage if the home is acquired, making it increasingly difficult over recent years for first-home buyers to achieve home ownership.

Be sure to factor increased interest rates into any decision to take on a home loan
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Mortgage Brokers in Brisbane

Mortgage Brokers generally specialise in finance for the various types of home loans but some can arrange personal loans too.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, since March 2000, the average home loan commitment for owner occupied dwellings in Queensland has more than doubled from $122,400 to $281,900.

We recommend the FSO to anyone in the capital cities or large regional cities in Australia seeking a Home Loan.

Financial Services Online - for Brisbane Home Loans

FSO is an emerging online exchange that connects interested consumers to various Lenders and financial services companies in its network. Currently, there are over 80 participants in their continually expanding national network. FSO was developed to empower consumers with a choice in evaluating the right financial program for their needs. The FSO system takes the stress out of finding the right financial service institutions.

The advantage for borrowers is that loan applications submitted through FSO can be submitted to more than one mortgage provider in order to access the largest possible range of lenders and loans. This is a unique service that benefits the borrower, especially those who may have been rejected by other lenders.

Most of the loan application process takes place on the Internet and over the phone. There is no cost to the borrower and most areas of Australia are serviced.

To apply for a Free no-obligation quote from Financial Services Online (FSO), CLICK HERE FOR FREE QUOTE


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