Recommended Books on Buying and Investing in Property in Australia

Australian Property Books

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Reading books on buying and investing in Australian property has become an essential part of my education as I seek to provide for my retirement.

I have taken at least one important idea (in most cases, more then one idea) from each book listed below.

In Australia we are blessed with a successful group of property investors who willingly share much of their knowledge and experience in affordable books. Reading and learning from these books can help avoid mistakes costing thousands of dollars in buying, selling and financing real estate.

Don't be put off by the titles of some of these books that seem to only refer to investment property. Nearly all of the information is relevant for ordinary home buyers. After all, your home is probably the biggest investment you will make in your life.

Being forewarned is forearmed. Use these books to get things done more efficiently and reduce the chance of costly mistakes.

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The best place to start your home loan search

Australian Property Books

Building Wealth in Changing Times

by Jan Somers
Published by Somerset Financial Services

Jan Somers describes a simple plan for an early yet wealthy retirement. It involves residential investment property that is properly financed and bought to keep. It is effectively a "do-it-yourself" investment scheme. In this book she shows that the scheme is still completely relevant in changing economic times. Book Review and Table of Contents

RRP $24.95

How to Create an Income for Life

by Margaret Lomas
Published by Wrightbooks

A complete guide to positive cashflow property, structuring your property portfolio, borrowing, and taxation issues. Book Review and Table of Contents

RRP $24.95

How to Maximise your Property Portfolio

by Margaret Lomas
Published by Wrightbooks

Positive cashflow property, property management and structuring your portfolio. This book follows on from the earlier book. Book Review and Table of Contents

RRP $24.95

Your Mortgage and How to pay it off in 5 Years - by someone who did it in 3

by Anita Bell
Published by Random House Australia

How to save the deposit, how to secure the right loan, how to find the right house and get it at the right price, and how to make it all yours.

RRP $19.95

The Real Estate Rookie

by Teresa Wainwright
Published by Choice Books (Australian Consumers' Association)

For investors with little or no experience, it is a clear, step-by-step guide for anyone who has ever thought about investing in residential real estate or buying their own home but didn't know where to start.

RRP $24.00

Home Buyers Guide

by Nicholas Humphrey
Published by Penguin Books Australia

An essential resource for buying a home or investment property. Where and when to buy, the first home owner grant, bidding at auction, the hidden costs and how to save on your mortgage.

RRP $24.95


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