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Refinancing your mortgage can provide you with a fresh start and allow you to take advantage of improvements in your credit as well as reductions in market interest rates. These are certainly good reasons to refinance because lower rates can reduce your monthly payment or the term of the loan.

These of course are not the only reasons someone might decide to refinance. Another reason to refinance is for the purpose of consolidating other high interest debts into your home loan to save on interest expenses. Mortgage related interest for investment loans is tax-deductible whereas other interest is not. If you currently have a 15 year term on your home loan you may decide to refinance to a longer term in order to lower your monthly repayments. Or on the other hand, you may have a fixed interest loan and decide you want to switch to a variable mortgage.

Refinancing your existing mortgage also gives you the opportunity to lock in today's current rates on a fixed rate mortgage. Some people like to make a small increase in the loan amount when refinancing in order to take out cash. This is a very popular option. The interest-rate you pay is generally the same but there may be a fee associated with the cash out refinance loan. This will depend on the particular loan program you choose.

Some things you should take a look at when deciding whether to refinance or not are: how long you expect to be in the home, the amount of equity you have in the home, what will the closing costs be, and will lower payments resulting from the interest-rate reduction make up for closing costs and fees. You will also want to consider whether the value your home is currently going up or down.

Ultimately you will want to compare the full cost of your current mortgage with the cost of the refinance mortgage over a future period. If the total costs are lower by refinancing then refinancing your mortgage might be a good idea. You will need to compare all of the costs over the specified period of time side-by-side. You will need to determine if there is a minimum length of time that you will need to hold the new mortgage in order to make the refinancing viable. These calculations can be fairly complicated but many lenders have refinancing mortgage comparison cost calculators on their web sites.

Your financial professional can help you answer each of these questions, do a comparison of the costs associated with each option and determine what is the best option for you given your particular circumstances.

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