Information on what is required to Qualify for a First Home Owners Grant in Australia

Qualifying for a First Homeowners Grant in Australia

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The First Home Owners Grant (FHOG) was established to assist first home buyers in Australia by helping to offset the effects of the goods and services tax (GST). The First Home Owners Grant applies from July 1, 2000 and each State and territory throughout Australia is responsible for administering the grants within their respective jurisdictions. Eligible applicants are entitled to a one-off payment of $7,000 to help with the purchase or construction of their first home.

Eligible home buyers must be Australian citizens or permanent residents who are buying their first home in Australia. Neither of the applicants may have previously owned a home before either jointly or separately or with some other person prior to July1, 2000. Neither of the applicants may have previously owned a home either jointly or separately or with some other person after July1, 2000. Also, neither applicant may have claimed this grant previously.

In order to qualify the home must be a fixed dwelling that meets local planning standards. This can include new or existing dwellings such as a house, unit, flat or apartment. In addition, the eligible home must be occupied by the applicants as their principal place of residence within 12 months of completion of the construction or purchase. It should be noted that the grant assistance will not be means tested and joint applicants are restricted to a single application and only one payment of $7,000. The grant is also not taxed and is not restricted by the purchase price of the property. Joint applicants are restricted to a single application for a single property and one payment of $7000 will be made.

First time home buyers can apply for the First Home Owners Grant through an approved financial institution or directly to the Revenue Office within your State or Territory. To determine if you are eligible you may complete an eligibility checklist at In Victoria Application forms are available from the SRO and certain approved agents. For more information please visit

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